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STONE T&V Co. Ltd.
48 Biet Thu
Nha Trang
Viet Nam
Tel: 0084 58 526144
Fax: 0084 58 523308
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 COMPANY: ..Background ..Activities ..Employees  [up..]
STONE T&V LTD. is a Vietnamese company specialized in the production and commercial distribution of natural stone products from Vietnam. Based on many years of experience in the international world of business, we offer our clients international standards in terms of service, product quality and handling of transactions. [More ..]
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With modern offices in Nhatrang and experienced employees in the quarries, harbours and government agencies, our clients receive support wherever and whenever required. If you have any questions about Vietnamese natural stones and minerals, please feel free to consult us. All activities associated with the delivery of goods can be offered as an all-inclusive package, but alternatively we will also handle specific parts of the total service requirement. [More ..]
 QUALITY: ..Service ..Production ..Export  [up..]
Quality is our top priority in service, production and export. The customer shall get the best from the beginning to the end of the business transaction. Therefore we work with some of the best companies and experts in Vietnamese and European stone business. [More ..]
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Vietnam is a country with a wide choice of natural stones. On behalf of our clients, we are continuously liaising with the most important producers. STONE T&V LTD. is participating on several quarries and is a provider of quality granite, basalt, sandstone, marbel and limestone products and other stones. The quality of the products conforms to stringent international standards. [More ..]
 PRODUCTS: ..Stones ..Building material ..Garden furniture ..Quality  [up..]
STONE T&V LTD. offers high quality products. We offer a wide range of building materials, garden furniture and figures in various stones and colours. In addition, we are able to satisfy special customer requests. During production and final inspection, we apply the latest international standards. [More ..]
 EVENTS: ..European support center ..Opening training center ..New office & more  [up..]
- New European support center
- Attending opening ceremony of Swiss training center
- New office building in Nhatrang City
- A delegation of the Association of Swiss Paving Stone Layers visits STONE T&V Co. Ltd.
- At exhibition STONE+TEC in Nurenberg, Germany
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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Few examples:
See for our European costumer AKIUCO AG
Check for some projects done by us and our associated companies
Impressions of few applications built with our stones and products
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Production, sales & export: 
STONE T&V Co. Ltd.
48 Biet Thu; Nha Trang City, Viet Nam
Tel: 0084 58 3526144
Fax: 0084 58 3523308

European support: 
Industriestrasse 35, LI-9495 Triesen, Liechtenstein
Tel: 00423 3923588
Fax: 00423 3921418