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STONE T&V Co. Ltd.
48 Biet Thu
Nha Trang
Viet Nam
Tel: 0084 58 526144
Fax: 0084 58 523308
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STONE T&V Co. Ltd.
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 Background  [up..]

STONE T&V LTD. is a Vietnamese company specialized in the production and commercial distribution of natural stone products. We are based in Nhatrang City and supported by experienced employees in the field, controlling the production and the export of the goods.

The company is a co-operation of Vietnamese and international specialists and companies in the natural stone industry. The participating persons and enterprises have been doing business in Vietnam since the end of the eighties, developing various quarries in granites, basalt and sandstones.

STONE T&V LTD. is associated with STONE HILL Co. LTD., the oldest and largest joint-venture company for mining and processing basalt in Vietnam. Another closed co-operation is with AKIUCO AG, an european stone trading company. AKIUCO AG is supporting the vietnamese partners with know-how in terms of production and marketing of the products and is performing different services in favour of interested parties and customers in Europe.

STONE T&V LTD. is working closely with all other important producers in Vietnam and provides all the natural stone resources acquired in Vietnam to its clients.

 Activities [up..]
STONE T&V Co. Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of services, including advice, production, brokerage, supervision, sale and the laying of natural stone products (only in Vietnam). You benefit from the many years of experience of domestic employees and foreign experts, the huge potential of close contacts in the Vietnamese natural stone industry, excellent relationships with the authorities and shipping companies, company-owned quarries, a keen awareness of quality issues, good services and safe business transactions.
Employees [up..]
STONE T&V LTD. is supported by a network of employees and self-employed associates that spans the entire territory of Vietnam. Many of these domestic employees, some of whom have been with the company for many years, have studied abroad and speak several languages. Over the years, our staff has accumulated comprehensive experience related to the production and export of natural stones. In addition, it can call on the assistance of - and is trained by - international natural stone experts who have known Vietnam for many years and visit the country frequently.
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