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Natural Stones [up..]
Basalt Rock Get the assortment of stones! Granite Quarry Get the assortment of various cubes! Marbel Quarry
In the field of natural stones, Vietnam has a lot to offer. This is a selection of the stones mined in Vietnam:
Granite Basalt* Sandstone* Marble Slate  &
Granite-grey grey Basalt-anthrazite anthrazite Sandstone-green green Marble-white white black  Blue Stone
Granite-yellow yellow Basalt-black black Sandstone-red red yellow mixed  Limestone
Granite-red red   grey various    Quartzite
Granite-green green   & more.. & more..    Porphyr
Granite-black black          

& more..

* Quarries with participating interest of  STONE T&V Co. Ltd.

AKIUCO-Stones [up..]

Our products are made from a selection of high-graded natural stones. The natural stones extracted under control of Stone T&V Ltd. Co. were tested in European laboratories on compressive strength, water absorption, abrasion resistance, resistance to de-icing salt etc. and the official test results satisfy the strictest requirements. This high quality stones are known as AKIUCO and AKI-Stones.

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