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STONE T&V Co. Ltd.
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STONE T&V Co. Ltd.
PROJECTS: .. Cubes for Zuerich ..Emperors hotel ..Slabs to Switzerland ..Basalt for France ..Pavement in Vietnam ..Various ..Regular supplies
10'000 m cubes for the city of Zuerich, Switzerland  [up..]
For one of the main shopping areas, the Limmatquai, in 2006 the City of Zuerich, Switzerland, has ordered almost 10'000 m of basalt cubes for rebuilding the street to a pedestrian area. One of the main reasons to choose AKIUCO-Basalt was the accuracy of our cobble stones and the outstanding evenness of the surface.
The Imperial ***** Hotel in Hue, Vietnam  [up..]
2006 STONE HILL Co. Ltd. has done a project in the old emperors city of Hue, Vietnam. The surrounding area of the new 5 star hotel 'The Imperial' was designed with 1'700 m cubes and tiles, 800 m wall covering and 220 m kerbstones of basalt, green sandstone and yellow granit. All works from production to construction were entirely made by our companies.
Paving slabs for the City of Wald in Switzerland  [up..]
In 2004 we have exported about 1'600 m pavings slabs and 300 m trenches in pointed grey granite for the City of Wald, Switzerland. The slabs (Public Line) with roughened areas have been designed for the heavy used main road in the center of the city.
Basalt for St. Denis, the capital of La Reunion, France  [up..]
With STONE  HILL Co. Ltd., our company for mining and processing basalt and sandstone in Vietnam, in 2004 and 2005 we have sent 2'100 m flamed basalt kerbstones, 2'140 m flamed tiles and 3'500 m of cleaved cobble stones to St. Denis, the capital of the island of La Reunion, France. 
Refurbishing the new VinPearl Resort on  Hon Tre island, Nhatrang, Vietnam [up..]
STONE HILL Co. Ltd., our associated company for basalt and sandstone, has delivered more then 8'000 m of paving stones for refurbishing the new VinPearl Resort near Nha Trang, Vietnam. And with our latest European  know-how the laying of the pavement was also done by us.
Various projects [up..]
In recent years, STONE T&V Ltd. Co. and partners have produced and delivered for many smaller and larger projects in Vietnam and abroad. At the moment, some projects such as about 8'000 m tiles in green sandstone for a new resort near Danang and granite paving stones for a German castle are in progress.
Regular supplies [up..]
Day by day we are sending regular supplies to our customers in countries like Australia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, USA a.s.o.